Mornington Peninsula Blues Sessions

The Mornington Peninsula Blues Sessions will be held on Saturday July 11, 2015 at the Peninsula Community Theatre.

The winter showcase features four of Australia’s finest Blues musicians including:

  • Jimi Hocking,
  • Ian Collard,
  • Alison Penny, and
  • Shannon Bourne.

There’s sure to be a special kind of magic produced as each artist plays electrically and acoustically in an intimate environment at the Peninsula Community Theatre, 90 Wilsons Road, Mornington.

Mornington Peninsula BluesThe evening will also showcase Mornington Peninsula’s finest wines, beers and produce.

Jimi Hocking, a Mount Martha local is looking forward to the second blues session because the crowd is there to appreciate the blues music,

“With free pub gigs, the music is secondary so people perhaps don’t value it as much. But with this event, music lovers can go along and enjoy, knowing that they are not going to be interrupted.”

Head here for event details and tickets.